Review as a Genre

It must immediately be noted that the word “review” is not the title of the work, as many believe, but only an indication of its genre. Therefore, any of your reviews should be given a title that, in accordance with the requirements of this genre, would be somewhat advertising character. In a word, the title should contain some mystery, intrigue, “an invitation to read.”

The review is the most difficult, but also the most interesting genre of school essays. The main requirement: in the review it is necessary to say your own, a new word about the literary work (film, performance, etc.). Write real reviews on all the laws of this genre are taught by art critics, literary critics in the relevant higher education institutions, and have been taught for many years. Therefore, at the school level, we can only talk about the school review.

The review has a number of genres close to it. It can be compared with the expanded annotation. Both the review and the annotation have close tasks – to tell what the product is about, and most importantly – what is interesting about it. If to formulate briefly – information and advertising. But the review is also close to a literary-critical article, since the writer must have his own idea, see the problem, in the light of which he will consider the work of art. For school review, such a problem does not necessarily have to be global in nature (such as a review of all works of the latest literature in the past year), but the idea, the problem that “illuminates” your work, making it for some reason important to you, relevant, must be the review differs from the recall – the genre of school essays, fully mastered and loved by schoolchildren of the 5-8th grade.

To recall is enough your personal impressions of the work (at the level of “I like it – do not like it”, although I would still like it to be and “why I like it”). For a review of this level is not enough, but personal impressions, the author’s own opinion for review is very important. Your impressions make the review live, “emotionally colored”. Outside of personal impressions, the authorship of the review does not exist, because the review is a personal genre. Therefore, we can say that the review is included as part of the review. Attitude to the reviewed work of the author of the review may be negative.