Review:Ultimate revenge, Japanese way

Japan is known for its culture, traditions, cuisine, aesthetic, role in the Second World War and a lot of other negative and positive aspects, especially for their unique Anime. Anime are hand drawn or computerized animation far different from the ones we see by Pixar. Anime holds a much closer to reality aspects within it. It shows the world as it is, even if the storyline consists of complete fiction. In this article I will give you a review about an Anime known as “Jigoku Shoujo”, the hell girl.

Jigoku Shoujo is an anime series produced by Aniplex and Studio Deen. It revolves around the types of hate in this world; with the help of Enma Ai the main character people who are suffering are able to take revenge in order to ease their pain. However, there is a two catch to it. Firstly you can only access “Hell Correspondence” exactly at midnight. Secondly, the person from whom you wish to take revenge would go to hell immediately, but along with him/her you would go to hell as well that’s when you die.  For some it sounds like an ultimate revenge, a way to save themselves from the torment they are facing.

At first this anime will make you think that Jigoku Shoujo is about redemption and rescue from pain. However, as the series reach its peak you will realize that it is all about Emna Ai her story and her way towards redemption after the betrayal she faced. When Emna Ai was a child she had powers which were not welcomed by everyone in her village except for her cousin Sentarou. One day the villagers decided to sacrifice Enma Ai to the Mountain God in order to get rid of her, but made an excuse that it was for the village well being, so that the crops harvest. Sentarou was able to save Emna Ai and managed to stay in touch with her at the lake side where they used to play, providing her with food and clothing.

One unfortunate day the villagers found them and decided to sacrifice Emna Ai and her parents as a sign of forgiveness. Sentarou tried to save her but the villagers forced him to bury Emna Ai and her parents. Even though one of the villagers killed Emna Ai and her parents before burying them, Emna Ai was still breathing. She pleaded Sentarou to help her, but when she saw him burying her, hatred dominated her heart. At night as Sentarou filled with guilt, ran away he saw Emna Ai alive and filled with hatred burning down the village that was once called her home.