It would seem, write a review – what could be easier? This is even taught in school – children from the lower grades write reviews on the books they read. Case, by the way, necessary and useful, because thinking about the book helps to organize your own thoughts and make a brief summary, thanks to which the book will remain in your memory for a long time. If you are going to, then how do you write a review? Let’s consider some important points.
1. Speak, first of all, about the book.

Discuss the plot, the characters of the characters, the style, etc. If the book hooked you, you can always find words to say about it. Tell us what you felt when you read about one or the other, how you feel about the main character, who else you like or do not like in the book. Do not touch the author himself. If it’s honest, then you really do not know the author and you did not see it in the eye, so do not go over to the person.

2. Speak in essence, but categorically evaluate only about what you are professionally versed in. You can always say about your attitude to the story told by the author. The main thing, remember that this is your opinion, which may not coincide with the opinion of the author, nor with the opinion of other readers. And this is normal and correct. Because the book cannot be the only true opinion. All the same, this is not a theorem, where there is only one true proof.

To the question of categorical in the assessments: for example, you are a physicist and have a weak view of the plot or style, but you understand that the physical laws of the universe in the book are lame on both legs. It seems that it will be easier for you to talk about the known, and not to look for a black cat in a dark room. And do not forget, sometimes categorical look very stupid, when those who are really professionally involved in the topic are connected to the discussion.