Importance of Research on Consumer satisfaction

Innovation and technology together are restructuring the telecommunication industry landscape all over Europe. This research reports its prime focus on developing a streamlined process for resolving the strategic issue of customer dissatisfaction specifically the case of Vodafone. Vodafone is a multinational company running its functions successfully internationally.

Contemporary businesses which are operating with their prime focus on customer-centric marketing viewpoint are progressively worried about sustaining and holding profitable customers. However, in today’s competitive market, there are numerous organizations that are offering telecommunication services. At the same time, these particular companies and services and good providers have struggled enormously to maintain their customer base and to manage the level of their customer satisfaction.

Whereas, there are few companies working as a service provider are also involved in offering various product line that has resulted in losing a good quantity of their customers. According to the research and the researchers, in many cases, it has been found that the quality of services offered by a company has become a serious concern, which is augmenting customer dissatisfaction and automatically forcing them to switch them from their major competitors.

In the case Vodafone, there are some key strategic issues present in the organization, and thus, they can be differentiated into an internal and external level of strategic issues. However, consider these issues might create serious huddles in terms of achieving a company’s overall goal.  Previously, there have been researches conducted on the same or similar topics.

Every researcher has its own point of view, whether customer satisfaction plays an important role in any telecommunications or it has less value. The previous research has focused on the company’s quality service that if they are providing effectively or not. However, there is still a need for more research in order to clear several other questions.