Consumer Dissatisfaction in Vodafone

The company has always maintained a good and reputable position amid its targeted customers and has always attempted to provide the best quality network services along with their selected products to its clients. As an outcome of that purpose, Vodafone has successfully sustained a great level of customer satisfaction with respect to its offered services and goods. Conversely, from the past few years, Vodafone has experienced a prominent deterioration in its revenue. The company planned a careful and resourceful investigation and critical analysis in order to get the best conclusion to resolve the current issue faced by them.

Therefore, the company’s management team and experts reached the conclusion that the continual decline in their generating revenue was directly associated with the foremost concern of ‘customer dissatisfaction’. In addition, the findings have a considerable link and it is not a surprise issue with its customer dissatisfaction because Vodafone India has noticeably one of the most complained telecommunications providers in the whole India.

At the same time motivating media headings in relation to such precise concern. Hence, this particular problem has been acknowledged but the exact issue still needs to be identified that which is the main reason which is causing a great number of percentage of dissatisfied customers. Furthermore, the researcher of this draft project endeavors to explore and recognize the major factors contributing to Vodafone India customer’s dissatisfaction.

Due to this issue, the company has been facing some serious complications specifically in Australia, most importantly it has been losing its position within the market as of their low-quality customer service.

Clients have seriously criticized the service quality which is considered as an internal strategic concern for the organization. After the extensive research, it was identified that an inefficient complaint handling system was used and implemented by the organization, as a result, it had made it almost difficult for members of the customer service staff in terms of addressing the complaints effectively and competently to make their customer satisfied.