Reflection on my Learning process

The first-week session helped me in understanding the reason for conducting business research. It also helped me in clearing my doubts about the difference between theory and research. The second-week session enabled me to learn about the importance of validating the data and also about how we can propose something to research upon. In the third week’s session, I learned about time management and how to do Internet research. It also provided me a way in which we can always validate our theories or knowledge by referring to different research.

I also learned about searching the literature and studying what other writers suggested through their study. The fourth week’s lecture was very helpful in learning about the ethical issues that need to be considered while performing a study. The lecture also informed me about the way we should treat our research participants. The fifth-week session was about qualitative research and its main steps. It also provided information about the differences between quantitative and qualitative research methods.

In the sixth week session, we were taught about the way interviews should be conducted, the kind of questions one should include in the questionnaire and the way interviews can be recorded, how to incorporate focus group research, size of the groups, and different types of interactions. We also learned about all the advantages and disadvantages of conducting interview research, which will help me in deciding which research strategy I should use to collect data. In the seventh week, I learned about different techniques that can be used in analyzing the qualitative data collected. There are two approached: grounded theory and analytic induction.

Eight weeks emphasized on quantitative research method specifically. I learned about probability, sampling, types of data collection techniques, etc. I learned that a quantitative method is applicable to identify the degree of a relationship. In the ninth week, we were taught about the structured interviewing and survey. I learned how questionnaires should be developed so that respondents can understand easily. In lecture ten, we were taught about observation techniques, the disadvantages, and advantages of content analysis, types of observations and coding of information. In the eleventh week, I learned about the secondary data analyses in the form of statistics.