Facts about the world

In the era of racing technological advancement and continuous change/upgrading in the living standard and culture of people there are certain things which you may not be aware of. People have made their visions come into reality; this has not only helped them but then people around them as well. Take the inventors of the computer as an example, who knew that such a device could exist. Read further to find out interesting facts about the world you are living in.

  • Yoga is a form of exercise, often referred to as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes controlling your breath, simple meditation steps and the use of some bodily postures. It is widely used to make one feel relaxed and maintain good health. Yoga is one of the top 10 fastest- growing industries in the United States.
  • Who does not like the smell of old books? If you do, then there is a perfume designed to smell like old books.
  • Lake Superior is the largest of the great lakes of North America, which is shared by Canada and the United States. This lake is linked to the famous Niagara Falls we are all aware of. The water in Lake Superior can cover all of North and South America to a depth of nearly 1 foot.
  • India produces 3 times as many bananas as any other country in the world. So do not be surprised if you see Minions (The characters from Despicable me, who love eating Bananas.) here!
  • Golf is a club and balls sport love and hated by many. In this game, the player has to use various type of clubs to hit the balls into a series of holes on a course or different other courses. The player who has fewer strokes wins. There is no standardized playing area when it comes to golf. About 300 million golf balls are lost every year in the United States.
  • The population of the world is increasing rapidly at a staggering rate. This is not a good thing, humans have to face the wrath of our over-consumption. Such as in the 1800 the population of the entire United States was less than the current population of New York City. Scary is not is?
  • Honey is the one of the rare food that does not get spoil, no matter how long you keep it.
  • The deepest point in the ocean is deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

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