McDonald’s interview questions

Interviews are the most difficult and nerve-racking procedure which all unemployed individual has to go through. Students, especially in order to make both ends meet, find jobs in different places, whether it is a utility store, being a sale assistant or an employee in McDonald’s etc. You would be shocked to know that for many people working in McDonald’s is a stepping stone to great things. It is the first choice for many students, especially foreign students to get some pay to go through the day.

Many employees have the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder from crew member to management staff. A survey conducted on 2012 found out that almost 50% of McDonald’s managers started off as first stage crew members, along with more than 60% of company’s owner-operators.

Below are some of the interesting interview questions which are to be answered by the candidates:

  • For candidates who have applied for the position of a cashier:
    “Can you eat 20 chicken McNuggets in less than 5 minutes?”
  • For candidates applying for a fryer position:
    “What came first, the chicken or the chicken nugget?”
  • For candidates applying for a restaurant manager trainee post:
    “Would you bend the rules?”
  • For candidates who have applied to be the crew member:
    “If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?”
    “When was the last time you completed something on a deadline where you where almost late and what was this?”
    “How would you handle a situation in which food has just recently expired and you’re currently low-staffed and fairly busy?”
  • For candidates who have applied for the position of a burger flipper:
    “If you were a wallflower, what color would you be?”
    “How much does a quarter pounder weigh?”
  • Customer service representative interviewer:
    “Why should we hire someone with food service experience to work at a desk?”
  • Position for server:
    “Is the tomato a fruit or vegetable?”
  • For the position of an Intern:
    “What do you define as success?”
  • For the position of burger maker:
    “What should be the temperature of the oil to make fries from frozen potato sticks?”

These are some of the interesting questions which a candidate may be asked during the interview. These questions help the interviewer to find out about the nature of the candidate, and whether he/she is McDonald’s material.

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