Research Paper Idea on Abortion

There is an increasing trend in the number of abortions which are carried out throughout the year. The termination of pregnancy is known as abortion. The fetus is killed before it develops into a human baby. It is done due to many social and economic factors. There is a prevalent argument about whether it should be made legal or not. The answer would be determined by a number of factors; which differ from society to society but generally it is a controversial topic. In this article, there are a few pointers which could be helpful in writing a research paper on abortion.


In the earlier days simple tools were used while performing an abortion and it was done by inexperienced people. However, with the advancement in technology more specialized equipments and machines were invented to make the procedure less complicated.


Every country conforms to a different set of norms and cultural values. Therefore, abortion is legalized in those countries whose ethical values accept it. Most of the developing and under-developed countries do not accept the idea of abortion. However, there are still some hospitals which actually perform this procedure in these countries.


Abortion is caused by a number of factors which consist of social, religious and economic. The social reason is because children are considered a burden. With increasing independence of women, they tend to build their career rather than become a mother. Also, rape also leads to abortion because the woman is considered impure after being a victim of rape.
With the rise in secularization, people do not tend to value life. Religious people realize that abortion is not acceptable, as killing a future born human can be a sin.
Economic reasons may be poverty or a low standard of living to fulfill the needs of a child.


When the pregnancy is less than nine weeks, an abortion pill is used which is basically a mixture of drugs. Surgical treatment is used when the fetus is thirteen to fourteen weeks old.


Bleeding may occur while abortion and the patient might suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease if the womb has not been emptied completely. Pain is mostly common during this procedure and it can be cured using pain killers.


Abortion may be a mode to save a woman’s life as some pregnancies have complications in which there could be a loss of life. Moreover, women are free to carry on their career and be independent. It is also used to control family size which is social in under developed countries. Rape victims may benefit from it.


  • It is not liked by religious fundamentalists.
  • It can cause health problems and fertility issues
  • Encourages reckless behavior of couples
  • May also affect a person psychologically due to the depression and guilt factor

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