Role of parents

The early years of a person’s life are a crucial stage in determining the character of a person. They can also predict the future life of a person and what experience will they have. The society works in a systematic way to socialize its members into socialized human beings. The early years of childhood are marked by primary socialization. This is the beginning stage of a child’s development period where they start to make sense of their surroundings. The after the stage is the secondary socialization which takes place when the child goes to school.

When a child is born, he/she is going to enter into an unfamiliar world. The child starts to recognize the voice of the mother and other people who spend time with him/ her. As the child grows up, it begins to observe the surroundings and starts to act according to it. The child starts to imitate the actions of the generalized other. The generalized other is the people who the child associate with and who are there from the start. The human being as a baby is not able to survive on its own. The parents of the child are required to educate the human baby in a way which is fit for the society to accept.

The norms and values of a particular society are different from that of the others. Therefore, the role of parents is to teach all these values to a child. The appropriate gender roles are taught to the children. Girls are taught how to dress appropriately and boys are taught to be masculine and keep a hard personality on just because they are boys. The gender role socialization starts from the beginning of the child’s birth when parents start dressing boys in blue and girls in pink.

The role of parents is enormous in today’s society. However, some parents are not willing to teach about some of the concepts of life; such as sex education. In that case, children are forced to learn through other means. They sometimes learn from their peer group in school or play area. They can also learn from the media such as while watching TV or surfing through the internet. However, the media does not provide a proper guidance to the children and therefore, it is the imperative of parents to provide a detailed and appropriate education to their children about all aspects of life.

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