Assignment on Key Conditions and Causes of Sensory Loss

Ageing is the key cause of sensory loss, as people’s senses become less and less as they get older. Whereas some other causes can be the congenital sensory loss that is someone who has sensory loss since birth. Another cause is glaucoma which is a condition of the eye that resulted due to optic nerve damage. It mostly takes place in people of old age. Another cause is a diabetic eye disease that can initiate at childhood level or can also start in later life. Cataracts is also one of the main cause that is referred to as the clouding of the eye lens. It is mostly caused due to the growth of a layer of skin over the lens of eyes. When a person has sensory loss since birth, it is referred to as congenital sensory loss. Whereas, if a person has developed this issue in later life due to the ageing process, or by meeting an accident, or suffering from an illness, it is considered as the acquired sensory loss.

In the demographic population, the incidence of sensory loss can be influenced by demographic factors. For instance, the environments where individuals work. A person’s hearing can be influenced if he or she is working in a noisy environment like a construction site or a factory. Also, the eyesight of working individuals who have to sit in front of visual display screens can be influenced. The lifestyle of an individual also plays a major role besides the workplace demographics. The chances of obesity and sight loss are doubled in the case of people who do smoking. Whereas, hearing of people working in nightclubs can be influenced. Sensory loss can also be associated with deprivation and poverty. Chronic eye disease can be present in poor people due to a lack of a healthy diet.