Research Paper on Physical Education in the School System

Providing physical education both outside and inside of school system is vital in helping young individuals to develop and learn life skills. UNICEF has identified different critical components to the delivery of quality education. These involve opportunities and sport to play continuously with the child’s rights for acquiring optimum development. Physical education is being challenged increasingly within the education systems throughout the world, although identification of the positive influence sport has on child development and education. Challenges involve a decline in the amount of spending on resources mandatory for physical delivery education in schools and the amount of training provided for teachers of physical education. Some other challenges are the number of trained staff and the amount of time allocated to physical education.

Moreover, some barriers are faced by disabled and young people and girls due to which participation in sport and physical education may be limited in various cases in many countries. It also has been indicated by recent research that universal marginalization of physical education is prevalent while different physical education systems are present throughout the globe. Besides, comparative studies in physical education have also been focused on a vast number of researchers. These studies revealed some of the great examples of good practice. However, in the past decade, changes are apparent in developing regions and countries. This has resulted in some severe implications for access to quality and holistic education for young individuals, especially those residing in developing countries.

In community sports programs, numerous opportunities can be provided. Through community programs, access to physical activity and sport can be availed by young people and children although physical education can be non-existent or minimal within the school system in some countries. These may be introduced through casual or unstructured play and games, a range of other organizations, and community clubs.