Essay on Pros and Cons of Monarchy

The type of government where the group of people or individuals in power are identified through bloodlines is referred to as monarchy. For deciding the rules of the state in a monarchy, particular rules are implemented. The head of the government can be either a group of nobles, queens, or kings. One of the major pros of the monarchy is that predictability is present in the government. The family leads the government, and this family leads succession in particular. However, one of the major con of monarchy is that no right is provided to being ruled for selecting their leader. For various decades, society gets stuck with an abusive individual in power because everything is pre-determined.

Another pro of monarchy is that the government still provides the balance. In the government, the symbolic figurehead is the modern monarchy. One of the prime examples of it is the government structure of the UK. The Prime Minister is assigned with the primary duties of the ruling, which further reports to the queen or king directly. Direct rule is offered by smaller monarchies. However, for most governments, a structure is maintained so that the balance can be provided. Another con of monarchy is that it is quite challenging to change the country’s direction. Because under the monarchy structure, only one distinguished group or family is allowed into the ruling class. It is quite difficult to direct a change in society. An average person cannot create the change unless the group of rulers or rulers agrees on it. No right of voice is provided to the public. This means that the power-hungry or selfish monarch can create long-term and instant oppression. Some other pros of the monarchy are an efficient type of government, a more robust defense maintained by it, smoother transfer of power, and it can be quite cheaper to run. In contrast, some other cons of the monarchy are more prominent class discrimination, lack of independent justice, competency not guaranteed by succession within a monarchy.