How to Kick-Start an Academic Journal

Writing an academic journal needs a few prior things to know beforehand you sit to scribble down your matter. The following tips will help you to in the course of writing your academic journal surprising. These tips are some of the techniques our writers apply.

  • Make a Plan

Planning your journal is the basic part of the whole process, however, the whole success if dependable on what you plan for. Make sure that you know if you have decided to make an impact factor or you want to produce an impact. You must know the scope and nature if you are planning a profile in the specific area or intend to write a journal on general content. Focus on the content, structure, and style of your research at this stage. Make sure that you have both internal and external drivers i.e. from the scope of your research and why you need it to scoring points to leaping one step up for promotion. Don’t be fooled by the time you have to complete your journal, which is usually two years, make preparations and motivate yourself in the beginning.

  • Analyzejournal writing

Examine a couple of journal articles that are relevant with your own field. Scan the abstracts that have been written in the journal to have an idea what research do you require. You might even come up with a new idea looking at previous works. You are not required to read the whole journals of course, rather the beginning and the ending conclusion that has it all.

  • Write an Outline of your Journal

Outlining is as important as is it writing your journal as you get a clearer picture of the structure of your work in a systematic way. Therefore, write a rough outline in the beginning and keep updating it as you proceed.

  • Analyze reviewers’ feedback

Send a copy of your work in the middle of the process in order to get a feedback on your report. Do the revisions as directed. Your observation might be missing out on something, and letting another person view it, helps you a great deal. Most importantly, don’t be dejected if you receive a rejection as you submit your work for a review. Remember that even the finest researchers get negative comments at first. It is only their endeavors that they succeed later.

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