The downfall of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was a renowned cyclist who won seven Tour De France titles in his career. Though his career was ruined because of doping charges and he was blamed for taking performance enhancing steroids throughout his cycling career. He denied the charges initially but later on he had to admit in Oprah Winfrey’s program about doping. They entire world watched the program through live streaming on Oprah Winfrey’s website.

The world came to awe as the allegations of doping were proven right. Lance Armstrong had to pay a very heavy price for this negligence and he was stripped of his seven Tour De France titles. From a legend he became nobody in just a matter of few days. People who used to see him as a role model began to hate him as cheated everyone. His glimmering cycling career was ruined in just a matter of few days and he was banned for lifetime.

Lance Armstrong has always been seen as a very strong character because he suffered from testicular cancer during his cycling career. He successfully emerged as a winner after a long fight with cancer, a disease which is widely known as fatal. He resumed his cycling career after having been out of race for a long time due to his prolonged nature of illness.

Steroids may be an answer to short term success in any sports. It may enhance a sportsman’s performance temporarily but at the end of the day it can prove to be destructive. It may result in short lived glory but eventually can lead to massive humiliation. It is termed as cheating in wider terms because it relies on using a drug to enhance performance, something which cannot be done naturally. These drugs boost stamina, and enable a sportsman to perform extraordinarily. It gives unfair advantage to a sportsman over others. What Lance Armstrong did was absolutely unethical. The use of performance enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career is a proof that he was never a remarkable cyclist. He merely always relied on steroids to boost his performance.

The lifetime ban placed on Lance Armstrong’s cycling career is a good example to set precedence for other sportsmen to discourage use of steroids in any sports. Cheating after all leads to a mess and Lance Armstrong is a living example of that.

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