How to create a PowerPoint Presentation?

As a student it is important for you to know what steps are needed to create a good PowerPoint Presentation. In your academic journey you will be expected to make a good presentation in order to attain good grades. Many students do not have time to make their own customized presentation, which is why they order from Master Paper Writing to get their customized presentation done with professionalism and at an affordable price. However, if you do not wish to hire any academic writing firm you do not need to worry, we are still here for your help.

These methods mention below will help you get your work done. However, keep in mind to not overdo the images, videos or content in your presentation, it kills the attention span of the audience. Keep it simple and appealing.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and you will see two blank boxes in the middle screen, you have the option to select any other type of boxes you wish to choose for the specific page you are working on. One of the boxes says “Click to add title” and the other “Click to add subtitle”. Since you are knew it is recommended that you should use this box instead of choosing any other.
  2. Now that you have placed your title and subtitle, on the upper left side of your screen, click the “File” If you are using the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 you will see an option right under Recent and above Print as “New” click it. You will see the option which includes many templates and themes. If you wish to choose a template click on the “Sample templates” box.  Before you choose the template option you should be aware of the fact that a template is a slideshow with a preloaded background that is designed for customized presentations, such as status report or itinerary etc.
  3. When you have decided to use a template, click on the “Sample template” box and click the one of the template options you wish to use, which is heavily dependent on the type of presentation you are making. If you do not like the templates and they do not fit with your presentation, it is wise to choose a theme.
  4. A theme is a slideshow a bit different from templates, it also contains preloaded backgrounds but for the use of general presentations. If you wish to choose themes go back to the “Templates and Themes” option box and click “Themes”.
  5. After writing the title and subtitle, click on new slide and the rest is up to you to handle.

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