Doomsday Prediction Failure

The 2012 doomsday prediction was not the only prediction which caught the attention of a larger audience. It was also not the first doomsday prediction to fail, with utter disappointment and relief. Harold Camping the president of the Oakland, Christian radio broadcasting network Family Radio claimed that on May 21, 2011 the world bringing with it a great earthquake or a mass excavation of the entire world’s dead. Harold Egbert Camping was born in July 19, 1921 and died in December 15, 2013.

Harold Camping also made a failed doomsday prediction on September 6, 1994; he claimed that his mathematical interpretation of the Bible has resulted to the end to take place on May 21. He predicted that there would be powerful earthquakes, throwing the dead from their graves as those who believe in God ascend into heaven.  After five months exactly on October 11, 2011 he said that the universe was supposed to end. However, he has not publically made any statements about his failed prediction.

He is surely not the first one to predict the wrong date, time and year of the Doomsday to take place. In fact, experts explain that believers in the end are comforting to some people who see the world as hopelessly evil. The century of failed predictions could not succeed to convince believers that the end is not yet near, as stated by Lorenzo DiTommaso who is a religious professor at Concordia University in Montreal.

On the other hand, Camping’s prediction prompted great ridicule from atheist organizations and Christian organizations. Even though may 21 had passed he believed that a spiritual judgment had taken place on that day, and that there was going to be physical rapture and a final destruction of the universe on 21 October 2011. His prediction about the great destruction failed to be fulfilled, which made many hands point at his knowledge and legitimacy.  He retired on October 16, 2011 few days before his predication, but his daughter clarified that he did not fully retire from Family Radio, rather worked from home for the radio station.

In a private interview he stated that he no longer believed that anyone could tell the time of the Rapture or the end of the world. In March 2012 he claimed that his attempt to predict the date of the Doomsday was “sinful”  and that his critics were right when they were emphasizing the words of Matthew 24:36 “of that day and hour knoweth no man” he further on added that he is reading and searching the Bible more intensely to become faithful in his understanding.

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