Do we decide inappropriate dressing?

People in these days have the tendency to criticize each other on each and everything thing, especially on what people apart from them are wearing. This at times causes an individual to become self-conscious and walk on the footsteps the society wishes them too. What to wear and not what to wear has become the latest topic amongst girls. For boys well let’s just say they have not much to think about.

Furthermore, for bullies, the way a person is dressed becomes the main focus rather than main reason for which they will bully the person. Should we be the one to judge what others are wearing? Does that mean we forget all the potential factors that could have been the reason for the person to dress the way they are? I personally believe that each individual should have the right to wear whatever they wish to, no matter if it is in fashion or not. What pleases oneself is more important than pleasing the society amidst you. In fact, the idea of following a fashion trend is beyond bizarre. If the new fashion is roaming around naked then I would prefer to be laughed on than to be exposed.

Everyone has the free will to wear whatever they wish too, without us pointing our nose in their business. Moreover, I believe that the only people who have the right to label an inappropriate dressing are the parents and family members of the individual. Since we all believe that everyone has their own opinion let’s just stick to it. No one likes to be “judged” by the world around them. Take Lady Gaga as an example no matter how many times you will mock her for what she is wearing, she will never give up or let you be in control of her.

We should stop pointing at each other, as we are not entitled to label anyone with our opinions, especially since we do not know them. There are other important matters which are to be taken into consideration, other matters which are actually causing a bad impact in the society and the victim himself/herself/itself. Animals and humans around the world are in grave trouble, many of whom do not give any care to what is in fashion and what is not, because they are struggling day and night to make things work for themselves and their families.

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