Mythical creatures in Philippine

Philippine is known to be the home of some of the mythical creatures, unlike Greek or Roman mythologies the tales of these mythical creatures are short and to the point. One the legendary mythical creature in the Philippine is the “Wakwak” which is a vampire plus bird type creatures, with the wings of similar to a bat. The name Wakwak is given to the creature do to the sound it makes when it flies. It is believed that it snatches humans at night as prey, somewhat like the Manananggal and the Ekek in village areas in the Philippine. Other people state that the Wakwak is a night bird which belongs to a witch.

Its sound is linked with the presence of a Vampire (Unglu) or a monster (Ungo). However, stay alert if the sound of the Wakwak is loud it means it is not far behind or it is closer to you then you think. The Wakwak loves to feed on their victim’s heart. It is said that it uses its claws and talons to slash its victims and get their heart.

The other mythical beast is the Tikbalang which is said to roam in the mountains and forests of Philippines. It is tall, skinny humanoid creature with long limbs to the point that its knees reach above its head when it bends down. Additionally, it has the head and feet of a horse it is often said that the creation of such a creature is with the help of an abandoned fetus which is delivered to Earth from limbo. Limbo is known as the afterlife condition of those who die in original sin without being sent to Hell of the Damned. Tikbalang is blamed to horrify and off track tourists, it is also known for playing tricks on the tourist by returning them to the same part they have started from no matter how far they might have walked. The only way for tourist to not get tricked by the Tikbalang is to wear their shirt inside out, to ask permission out loud or to make not much sound while in the woods so that you do not hurt or offended the creature.

An illegitimate idea is that the Tikbalangs are the guardians of elemental kingdoms. They are mostly standing on the largest tree keeping a watch out for anyone who harms their territory. The Tikbalangs have the power to change into a human form or become invisible to humans.

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