Limbo the edge of hell

The Catholic Church theology states Limbo as the edge of hell. It is a rough idea about live after death and the condition of those who die in original sin without being sent to the Hell of the Damned. In the Medieval theologians of Western Europe hell is divided into parts, Hell of the Damned, Purgatory, Limbo of the fathers or Patriarchs and Limbo of the Infants. Moreover, the fourth part which is the Limbo of the Infants is not an official doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Limbo of the Patriarchs or the fathers is described as a non-permanent stage for those who notwithstanding their sins died in the name of God, but could not go to Heaven until the redemption of Christ. It is believed that the patriarchs of the Old Testament were kept there until the soul of Jesus Christ descends into hell through crucifixion, and released them.

The idea of Limbo is not shown in the Bible, precisely the concept of Limbo of the Patriarchs. On the other hand, some people find the implicit signs of Limbo in various references of the Bible. Moreover in Luke 16:22 it is written about the “bosom of Abraham” which is followed by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church follow and comprehend that there is a temporary place for those souls who are waiting to go to Heaven. There are two ways by which this is achieved, either by the Resurrection of the Dead a concept from the East or the Harrowing of Hell an idea from the West.

Limbo of Infant has those souls which are not baptized and died as mere infants.  Who are too young to commit any sins and could not be freed from original sin. In fact, the current update in this idea is that the Catholic theology states that these infant may go to Heaven instead of Limbo. The Eastern Orthodox Church and Protestants do not accept the idea of a Limbo of infants. They state that the resurrection of Jesus Christ had liberated Adam and Eve and Prophets in the Old Testament from hell.

Protestants state that hell has two divisions the first one is an unnamed place of torment and the other is bosom of Abraham. The individuals who resided in Abraham’s bosom are now in Heaven, after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and now that division is completely empty. In Islam since they do not believe in original sin, the concept of Limbo is known as Barzakh.

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