FAST FOOD NATION – The world is changing rapidly, the times passing more quickly and our spare time decrease every day. The technologies and advancements pressured us in to adapt to this fast-moving world. Family traditions have changed, and with ever rising expenses, mothers have to work outside instead of being housewives. This factor makes us to neglect proper prepared meal and have dinner time with everybody. These changes gave rise to the fast food nation.

The fast food industry is thriving rapidly with new franchises emerging every now and then. The Americans are the first to accept fast foods as normal routine meals.

Most of the fast food brands around the world are from USA and British restaurants. It is easier to go to a restaurant and order meal that gets ready in 10 minutes than to actually prepare it. It’s worse when people don’t actually go to a restaurant and order it home. Child obesity, low hygiene and high risk of diseases are just the most dangerous factors that fast industry spreads.


Obesity is a silent killer, you don’t realize when it starts, and when obesity hits it is very difficult to remain healthy. The fast food industry slyly makes child addicted to their products. Their advertisement and campaigns are often connected with toys and characters from famous movies, cartoons and games.

These attract little children and they insist and cry until their parents get them the meal of their choice. The meals are not expensive and are available everywhere, their advertisement on cartoon network, all these make the children go crazy after the products. Apart from child obesity, fast industry uses the meat that is often subpar.

Animals are kept in poor and unhygienic conditions and are usually sick. The feed of animals like cows and chicken are remains of other products, the chicken are injected to steroids to help them grow faster. The fast food actually tastes very good; this is because of the chemicals and artificial flavors. Most of the chemicals and flavors are not FDA approved and may prove health hazard.

Because of the hygiene condition the fast food causes a lot of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol leading to obesity and heart attacks. The sugar rush in drinks is very high and gives energy rush but are of no nutritional value. The addictive nature of fast food makes us dependant on it and ultimately makes us lethargic.

Hence, although fast food industry is striving we should try not to become a fast food nation. Our family time, health and properly cooked meal should be of utmost importance. Our guidance to our younger generations should be directed to more healthy and energetic lifestyle.

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