Essay: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

There are skeletons in every family’s cupboard. The on going arguments and differences between partners can lead to physical violence. If there are children in the family, such situations can destroy their childhood and can make them perform self-harming acts or even strange behavior with others. Domestic violence is an aspect of society which has remained secret for years. Family, is always considered as a nurturing environment where economical and emotional support is provided to the members. However, the things which happen at someone’s house can not be known to a stranger as it remains inside the boundaries of the house.

Domestic violence has many forms of taking place. Domestic violence, by definition, is any type of unfair or hostile behavior which happens between members of a family. The most common type of domestic violence is experienced between men and women in a marriage; where the woman is the victim at most times. However, it can be the other way around where the man is getting exploited by a woman. Domestic violence is experienced between married couples who fight because of their differences or incompatibility. These fights start from verbal and can even turn into physical abuse. The level of violence is determined by the level of aggressiveness among the couples.

Domestic violence can cause a number of harsh effects on the children at home. When exposed to an environment where constant fighting and abuse takes place, the children can become emotionally fragile and may develop low self-esteem among them. These children may also turn out to be socially awkward and can have anger issues where they may exert their frustration on other people. The child can also become abusive if he / she is exposed to such environment. However, experiences would be different for every child, depending on their gender, emotional level and age. For example, when a boy sees his father beating his mother; he may have a lack of respect for women and will also perform the same act with his female partners. The scenario could also have another affect where the boy may start to respect women more and despise his own father for doing such a thing.

Generally, the affect is very harsh on the children because when they see their parents fighting, they can seriously become depressed on use other destructive activities to distract their mind. However, domestic violence has always been present in our society and nothing is being done to tackle it.

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