Assignment on Marketing Psychology To Influence Consumer Behavior

Marketing Psychology To Influence Consumer Behavior

The goal of marketing psychology is to understand how customers think and feel in relation to advertising messages. It then thinks things through and assists in making marketing judgments. The goal of marketing is to persuade people and make an understandable and planned emotional appeal in order to leave a long-lasting emotional impression on consumers’ minds, causing them to be interested in acquiring a certain product. Regardless matter what is being sold, the marketplace is likely to be busy.

Gaining a competitive advantage over the typical competitor is the goal of marketing psychology. It is crucial to keep in mind that a lot of marketing deals with people’s psyche.

Marketers might test standing in line at the grocery store or study the behavior of customers who stand in line for hauling last-minute goods before completing their transaction.

In this environment, some brands strategically position last-minute goods as a marketing strategy. It was done on purpose to encourage people to buy things on the spur of the moment. It is not, once again, a novel technique.

The same psychological effect has been achieved in the digital sales process with flash sales via email marketing campaigns, which is another technique to achieve the same psychological effect (Trudel, 2019).

As a result, this is how marketing methods get transferred from one medium to another. Marketers can take advantage of customers’ impulsive behavior in order to meet their consumption requirements while also meeting the company’s economic needs.

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