Research Paper Overcoming Disabling Beliefs & Attitudes

Restrictions were placed by people on the individuals suffering from the sensory loss that can be disabling. For instance, assuming that deaf individuals or blind individuals cannot manage things independently. These beliefs and attitudes prevent the individual from being involved in society as equally competent. Moreover, this can also harm the individual and as a consequence of which they may assume that they have restrictions. The individuals can also be disabled by factors like the little opportunity for risk, development or involvement, negative attitudes, poor communication, and lack of accessibility. Lastly, difficulties are often faced by individuals with any type of sensory loss in finding employment. It is quite difficult to convince the employer that an individual’s capability of doing a job is not linked with his or her sensory loss.

By challenging discrimination spontaneously disabling beliefs and attitudes can be overcome in the sensory loss. One can also get involved in social activities in which positive attitudes are promoted. Some other steps that can involve risk assessment, planning, person-centred assessment, self-directed approach, community participation, inclusion, partnership and increase in awareness, changes to the environment and routine, access to resources/budgets/funding, and planning and training.

Other steps can be assuring that daily access to sight tests is provided to individuals having eyesight impairment. Lastly, the steps can involve getting to know about the preferences, wishes, and needs of the individual, assuring the availability of the support and assuring that adaptations are made, for instance, the environment, and the working practices and also assuring that information and advice are collected from others. Lastly, another step that can be considered is practising good model instead of the wrong ones and by immediately challenging discrimination. Overall, it is significant that empowering beliefs must be maintained and to avoid all of the negative thoughts that hinder one from accomplishing the objectives.