Research Paper on Top Line Market Growth Of Coca Cola

Coca Cola has a wide range of business tactics. According to a writer, the corporation is among the top three largest beverage companies in terms of quality, packaging, and pricing, implying a high level of customer appeal. The organization has a robust value chain structure in place in over 200 countries across the world (Brondoni, 2020).

The Company strives to build a wide consumer base by growing its marketing potential. When it comes to market growth, net revenue increased by 16 percent to $9.1 billion in the first quarter of 2019 and by 9 percent to $37.3 billion for the year. Earnings per share increased by 134 percent to $0.47. ( Coca-cola, 2019).

Despite the unfavorable currency flow, the company’s cash flow has improved by 37% as a result of solid underlying growth, expedited working cash flow efforts, cost restructuring, and productivity reduction.

The corporation now has six research and development centers across the world. Each of the research centers is collaborating with regional Coca-Cola marketing teams to boost area production or meet local needs.

Coca-Cola Company has 250 bottling partners across the world who work together to build demand and satisfy it through bottling partners.

According to Statista, the corporation had 62,600 workers in 2018. It uses human rights policies in areas such as diversity and inclusion, freedom of association and collective bargaining, workplace security, employee advice, and reporting, community and stakeholder participation, and human rights protection (Bista, 2019).

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