Pro and Con of Psychodynamic Approach

Advantages and Disadvantages of Psychodynamic Approach

The Psychodynamic approach was made by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) a Viennese doctor whose major was in neurology. Sigmund Freud stated, “…I set myself the task of bringing to light what human beings keep hidden within them… the task of making conscious the most hidden recesses of the mind is one which it is quite possible to accomplish”.

He believed that most of our personality and disorders like hysteria is the result of our unconscious mental state. Additionally, he states that much of our behavior and personality is the result of the relationships, experiences and conflicts we have faced since childhood. Freud has a very fixed sense of ideas related to psychoanalysis. Firstly, psychoanalysis is linked to the unconscious process we go through without any clue. Many important influences on our behavior come from the unconscious part of our mind. Secondly, he has suggested that different parts of our mind are in a continuous dynamic struggle with each other, unconsciously and the consequence of this struggle is reflected in our behavior. Thirdly, he claims that behavior is largely fueled by an individual’s sexual and aggressive drives. These drives create psychic energy which builds up and has to be released in any form possible. However, not many psychodynamic psychologists believe in this opinion, but they do see the importance of emotional motivation.

Freud’s theory has contributed majorly in psychology and psychiatry. Till date that is 2015, around approximately a 100 years his studies and theory is still considered to be a breakthrough in understanding the importance of human behavior, and mental disorders associated with the idea. His well known case studies “Little Hans” and “Anna O” has proved that he believes in determinism and the detailed collection of data has provided scientific evidence for his theory. However, many who oppose his study says that he has used vague concepts to link it with the psychoanalytic approach, which can predict very little about his ideas. It is further stated that the detailed data he has collected may have the chances of his own idea enforced in it that is he may have molded the results in such a way that it would support his theory. Furthermore, his concepts are difficult to test and verify scientifically.

When conducting an experimental research it is suggested that the results fail to support Freud’s theory, and those which do support his theory may be influenced by numerous factors. Psychoanalysis aids to explain a lot of important topics. On the contrary, having unrepresentative samples can result to bias results.

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