Negative aspect of Television

Children at a very young age are introduced to their life partner the television; this is the point where every parent makes the blunder of introducing the world inside the square box. Television brings both pros and cons into an individual’s life. This article will explain you the negative aspect of television, which is affecting the children and youth.

As you know obesity is a long term problem which we are facing. Television is one of the reasons for obesity to increase over the years. Children from a young age are becoming couch potatoes, and are consuming unhealthy products. With the help of advertisement of unhealthy products obesity is distributed to everyone everywhere.

Furthermore, television has become a leading sex teacher in many parts of the world, especially Canada. Between the year 1976 and 1996 there has been 270% increase in sexual interactions during family hour of 2000 hours to 2100 hours. No parent would like that their children would indulge in sexual acts. The television exposes children to adult behaviors in such a way that it looks like it is something normal and acceptable. Giving them an idea that everyone does it, so can you no matter what your age may be. The worst part is that sex between unmarried couples is shown more than married spouse, whereas the diseases which these gruesome acts give birth too are rarely mentioned.

Teenagers around the world rank the media as the leading encyclopedia of sex. Some people believe that the media can influence sex by advertising birth control methods such as condoms. On the other hand, the other drawback about television is that deviant attitudes are adopted by children and adolescents. For example, in Canada teenagers see around 1000 to 2000+ beer commercials giving out the message that “Real Men” drink beer. Some studies suggest that advertising increases bear consumption. A child’s developmental stage plays a great role in the effect of commercials. Children do not understand the concept of marketing. Many of a time, children end up believing that they are told and that they are deprived of the commodities advertised, not taking into consideration the negative and positive aspects of the products.

Additionally, cartoon products are the top attraction for different children. Studies show that the more children watch the television the more they are influenced by it. Parents need to keep a watchful eye in order to keep their children from entering reality at an early stage.

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