Is Modern Culture ruining childhood?

The society has become the slaves of media. This has led to the changing of attitudes and morals of people. The norms and values of the society has now been majorly influenced by the media’s own set of values which they force everybody into believing. This is the modern culture where opinions are generated through the help of media. Whether it is traditional or modern, a culture is a set of values which are followed by a number of people and it is carried on through generations. There has been a shift from the traditional to the modern culture and it has affected individuals in beneficial as well as harmful ways.

Children have lost the meaning of childhood. The adventures which were experienced by playing outside the house can not match up to the frequent playing of video games and surfing the internet. The children in the traditional culture were much healthier and were dedicated to their work. The influence of these environmental factors was healthy human beings who could carry on their tasks properly.

Childhood is a phase in which children are expected to be sacred. Therefore, truths about harsh brutality and sexual knowledge are restrained from them. This does not mean that children may not be eager to find about them. In the modern culture, media is showing such bold content in the films, TV shows and even advertisements. This had made the children become aware of all these concepts at an early age. Internet access is available to every child as every home has internet facility. This has led to teenage pregnancy as children are eager to try all these new things with the other children.

In the Western society, children are growing up way too quickly. Especially the celebrity children tend to look older than their age because of heavy makeup and dressing up in an inappropriate way. An example could be taken of Kylie Jenner, who is from the Kardashian family. Kylie dresses up like she is a married woman with children but as a matter of fact; she is just seventeen years old.

Children are getting to know the harsh truths of the world and are starting to fear about the future of our world. Concepts such as global warming and deforestation have made children scared about what is going to happen when they become adults. Childhood is an innocent age and children are not supposed to worry about the harsh realities of the world. There should be certain for everything and in the world, there is not barrier for anyone. Even young babies are being targeted through advertisements.

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