Essay on Color Psychology in Marketing

Essay on Color Psychology in Marketing

Colors have a powerful influence on both the moon and human emotions. Colors have a natural and profound ability to impact people’s current attitudes. Humans frequently associate different colours with distinct psychology effects, such as one colour indicating a funny mood, another with mutual trust, and yet another with sensuality (Fetscherin, 2019).

Marketers should be aware that a specific colour should be utilised in an advertisement to attract customers based on the predicted sales item. It is critical to have a consistent message across all marketing channels. Colors should be chosen with the subconscious mind in mind, then with the rational mind in mind.

Even when overdone, certain words and phrases have a powerful influence on eliciting emotional responses. Organic, certified, genuine, gluten-free, and other terms commonly used in the FMCG industry are examples of these words.

These statements have been placed throughout the product packaging and labelling for acceptable and sound reasons. It has a mysterious ability to draw people’s attention.

Customers usually go for it and end up buying the item in question. As a result, marketers must think about the items and services they are promoting and come up with unique words that can have an emotional influence on people and provoke an emotional reaction from them.

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