Essay: Architecture


People express their feelings through different ways some by showing their aggression verbally and there are those who show their feeling with the help of art. Our demonstration of emotion is not limited to the two ways mentioned above; there are many other ways to show your feelings towards something. Ever since the time of Renaissance arts has accelerated towards fame rapidly with different techniques presented to us.

Architecture is defined in three ways:-

  1. Process: In this regards Architecture represents an activity in which we indulge in designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures by a person or machine, in order to provide shelter.
  2. Profession: Architecture is a role of those people and machinery that develop and offer architectural services.
  3. Documentation: Documentation mostly involves the individual to draw. The drawing helps to define structures and/or behaviors of buildings or any kind of physical structure that us to be constructed.

Due to architecture we are able to have a shelter above our head, as well as many unforgettable structures which connect people together. In the early 1st century AD  a Roman architect named Vitruvius wrote a book on architecture named De architectura. His written work included the details about architecture and what is needed for a good building. Vitruvius mentioned that a good building should have three elements:-

  1. Firmitas (Durability)- This means the building should be in good position and is able to stand up straight, which means it should be able to be firm with complete perfection.
  2. Utilitas (Utility): The building should be suitable for the purposes for which it was constructed.
  3. Venustas (Beauty): It should be aesthetically pleasing. People should be attracted towards it.

Vitruvius suggested if architectures are able to achieve these three factors would be able to achieve a perfect building. Leone Battista Alberti takes Vitruvius’s idea to the next level, he further added that beauty cannot be applied superficially and is based on universal truths. Louis Sullivan formed the skyscrapers in the 19th century which introduced a new architectural design known as “form follows function”, which means that the shape of the building or structure should be based upon its intended purpose or function. The idea of a perfect building varies from culture to culture each include their own touch of perfection and uniqueness. Some of the most famous structures is the pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Kinkaku-ji in Japan, Taj Mahal in India, Notre Dame de Paris in France, La Rotonda in Italy, Paris Opera in France, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania and many more.

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