Citing Works in APA Style

Citing your work in accordance with different referencing styles requires a few guidelines that help you to avoid any mistakes in the discourse. We, as Master Paper Writing, provide you the best opportunity to get professional help for all kinds of your academic writings. You can easily order academic papers online with us and avoid all the hassle if there is any urgent work. We are particularly popular for meeting the deadlines. Therefore, if you want to buy papers online then it’s just one step away. However, we also encourage you to learn the writing skills. Therefore, following guidelines would help you to cite your work in an academic paper.

Citing Works Written By Several Authors

If you are citing such a work in your document that has several authors, say, three authors, then all the names of the authors must be indicate, in the citation. However, you only have to include all the authors’ names in the first citation. In the following citations of the same work, you are only required to put the last name of the first author and the rest of them will be omitted following ‘et al.’ in the citation.

Citing Several Works Belonging To the Same Author

If you are referring to several works that are written by the same author, they can be referred with the use of indicating several years of publication in the citation text e.g. (Fletcher 1994, 1999, 2000). If you refer to the courses that are publish in the same year then use the low case letters in order to indicate the sources you are referring to e.g. (Fletcher 1999a, 1999b).


Citing Work with a Corporate Author

If you have such a document to refer in your text that has no author(s) name, which are mostly syllabuses, statutes, manuals, and committee reports, then you need to check its complete title. Include the title of the document as well as the year of publication in this case, e.g. (Jurisprudence in Joyce’s work 1999).

If there’s frequent use of such a work then you can use these documents indicating an abbreviated title e.g. (JIJW, 1999). Moreover, if you are citing a work that has no author, but instead is published by some organization, government, or agency, then you are required to use the name of the organization along with the year of publication of the document. Likewise, you can also include the name of a corporate author in your in-text citations following the year of publication in parenthesis.

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