Bill O’Reilly

Who is Bill O’Reilly?

Bill O’Reilly also known as “Papa Bear,” “Billo,” ‘Bill O’Really,” “Billo the Clown,” “The Freak Burns of News” or “Resident Jack-ass” he is a moderately right-wing commentator on Fox News where he shows The O’Reilly Factor. O’Reilly is known for his support for gun control, acceptance of the existence of global warming, support for civil unions, his anti death penalty views and gay adoption. Not to forget he is well known for his yearly protest every winter solstice against secular progressives in the War on Christmas in the name of Christianity. In 2012, he defended his pro-Christmas attitude by stating that Christianity is not a religion.

More about Bill O’Reily

Recently, on October 7, 2015 Bill O’Reily has a new target: hungry kids. Bill O’Reilly in one of his show stated that child hunger is all made up. He further backs up his argument by saying that poor people love free stuff but according to “studies” they have lots of great stuff such as a car, air-conditioner etc. O’Reily with his right wing Heritage Foundation claims that Obama’s re-election to those dark skinned people who voted for Obama because they would get free stuff.
In October 2004, a former The O’Reilly Factor producer sued him for sexual harassment. He is reported to have phoned her, telling her to use a vibrator and a “falafel.” O’Reilly was settled out of court, it is said that he paid millions of dollars for her as “hush” money. The settlement occurred one day before the audio tapes of the calls were to be reviewed in the court. The tapes were completely destroyed.
In one of the episode of The O’Reilly Factor from May 2013 commenced with a graphic featuring a photo of Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones with the word “Hate Speech” next to it. Alex Jones reacted to O’Reily’s act with dignity saying that one would expect O’Reilly to act like this, calling his a “coward,” “punk” and “rat bastard” challenging him to a pay-per-view boxing match. Another day after his statement he continues to resemble O’Reilly with a “giant ferret” and brings the 2004 sexual harassment incident into the spotlight again.
His ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy has accused him in court of abuse, claiming that he also tried to excommunicate her from the Catholic Church, cancel their wedding, bought off their “neutral” child therapist and tried to ruin the career of her new husband.

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